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Clear lens surgery

Presbyopia can be treated either with a presby-lasik technique or with lens surgery with implants. In this case, we speak of clear lens surgery or PRELEX (PREsbyopic Lens Exchange).

This is the same surgery as cataract surgery. It can be performed before the lens has developed a cataract.

The indications are proposed rather for hyperopic or emmetropic patients from 54 years old. It is an effective surgery with the same results and risks as cataract surgery.

This surgery provides a reliable, reproducible, safe, effective, bilateral and permanent treatment of presbyopia with quality vision. It is performed on an outpatient basis and under topical anesthesia. It is not painful.

The indication for this type of surgery depends on various examination parameters and the patient’s expectations. The choice of this alternative technique to that of the presby-lasik is discussed and analyzed with your surgeon in order to choose the most appropriate solution.

As always in surgery, you will be given a specific and complete information sheet written by the learned societies of Ophthalmology, the SFO and the SAFIR.

This surgery is permanent. The patient will not have a cataract in the future, the lens being removed.

In this case, the surgery of the lens is not covered by the social security and an adapted estimate is proposed to you.

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