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The Femtosecond Laser emits in infrared, its wavelength is 1,053 nanometers.
The Femtosecond Laser surgery consists in cutting the corneal flap with an all laser Lasik called Femtolasik or Ultralasik.

Cutting the flap is performed in about fifteen seconds, using very low energy.
Compared to the old manual techniques, the Femtosecond laser has the advantage of cutting the flap very safely and more accurately.

Finer and more predictable cuts are now possible, broadening the scope of potential indications based on the ametropia / pachymetry ratio.

The principle is very simple. A conjunctival suction ring at the limbus is placed to receive an applanation cone for delivering the laser beam.

The complications observed in the past with mechanical cuts are now very rare. Loss of suction can happen but repositioning is often possible right away. Don’t forget that a Femtosecond Laser cutting is a pre-cut and as long as the flap is not raised, there cannot be consequences on vision.

The surgeon defines the geometry of the flap, its depth, shape of the edges, positioning of the hinge.

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