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Dr. Anne-Sophie MARTY

Ophthalmic surgeon
Cataract surgery and corneal transplantation
Registered with the Order of Physicians n° 33/10100828093

Titles and diplomas 

  • Member of the European Dry Eye Society
  • Founding member of the ACOS and vice president
  • Member of the French Society of Ophthalmology (SFO)
  • Former member of SAFIR and ESCRS
  • Member of the European Board of Ophthalmology (2014)
  • Training at the NIIOS center (Rotterdam) on endothelial transplantation (2014)
  • Training in SPOT scleral lens fitting (2016)

Professionnel background 

A former intern and then chief of clinic at the Hospitals of Lyon, Dr. MARTY moved to the Thiers Ophthalmology Clinic in February 2018.

Dr. MARTY is an ophthalmic surgeon (cataract surgery and corneal transplantation). She practices general ophthalmology and has developed two more specific areas of activity within the clinic:

The medical and surgical management of pathologies of the anterior segment, especially corneal dystrophies, keratoconus, pterygium and ocular surface disorders. During her clinic at the University Hospital of Lyon, Dr. Marty specialized in the new techniques of corneal transplants. These mainly concern DMEK-type corneal endothelial transplants, which provide a real advance in the treatment of Fuchs’ dystrophy, guttatae or pseudophakic decompensation. They allow a more efficient visual rehabilitation than transfixing techniques as well as a simplified follow-up for the patient.
In addition to this activity, Dr. MARTY organizes assessments and management of dry eye syndromes at the Thiers Clinic. For this purpose, she has been trained in SPOT scleral lens adaptation and has acquired the IPL (pulsed light for dry eye treatment).

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