Are you eligible to surgery ?

You must meet the following requirements : Excimer laser can be used (with LASIK technology) for myopia up to – 12 D, hyperopia up to + 6 D, and astigmatism up to 6 D, provided corneal parameters are adequate (thickness, curvature radius, etc.). Once again, each patient is specific and your surgeon is the only person able to choose, with you, the […]


Why does it cost so much ? The cost of refractive surgery procedure is the result of the combination of a technical package, which covers various costs for the centre, and the surgeon’s fees. Lasers and high-tech examination and diagnosis equipment are very expensive. The permanent and necessary maintenance and upgrades that guarantee accuracy, reliability […]

Why operate ?

To be able to do without glasses or lenses, this has been the choice of more than 20 million patients worldwide. Regardless of the type of visual disorder, people with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia can now have their lives changed. Today, refractive surgery is a fully standardized ophthalmologic discipline in its own right that […]

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